Unofficial suburban Cook County precinct results now online

March 22, 2018
Press Release

29% is highest Gubernatorial Primary turnout since 2002

Unofficial March 20, 2018 Gubernatorial Primary Election and precinct-level results for suburban Cook County can now be viewed online at or via this PDF.
Select "view" from the Online Results column. Please note the download feature allows you to get an Excel document with precinct and township data by contest. 
Unofficial results include all precinct totals, all early voting and mail ballots received by Election Day. 

As of Thursday morning, of the 30,423 mail ballots requested by suburban Cook County voters 10,576 mail ballots have not yet been received by the Clerk’s office. Mail ballots are eligible to be counted if they are postmarked by March 20 and received by April 4, according to state statute. There are also up to 1,122 provisional ballots, that if validated will be counted.

Here are a few highlights from Tuesday’s election:

  • Based on unofficial results, suburban Cook County turnout was about 28.7 percent, the highest turnout for a Gubernatorial Primary since the 33.4 percent turnout in 2002. It is the second-highest Gubernatorial Primary turnout in at least the last 24 years.

  • The 444,032 voters who cast ballots in Tuesday’s election are the highest number of voters from suburban Cook County who’ve taken part in a Gubernatorial Primary Election in at least the last 30 years.
  • Older voters turned out in greater numbers than younger ones. Voters aged 17-24 accounted for 15,011 – or 3.4 percent of voters. Voters aged 58-67 years old made up 17.3 percent of voters, while the next closest age group, 48-57 years old, accounted for 15.2 percent of all voters. 
  • The number of suburban Cook County voters who took Democratic ballots, 338,159 – or 76.2 percent—surpassed the past two Gubernatorial primaries. In 2014, 44.5 percent took Democratic ballots; in 2010 it was 65 percent.
  • Republican ballots were cast by 104,455 – or 23.5 percent – of suburban Cook County voters. This is down from 55 percent in 2014 and 35 in 2010.
  • Election Day Registration, available for the first time in a Gubernatorial Primary, remains very popular – 4,241 voters took advantage of Election Day Registration. Of those voters, 1,006 had reregistered because their address had changed, while the remaining 3,235 were new voters.
  • Based on unofficial results, for the Democratic Gubernatorial nomination, J.B. Pritzker won 21 of 30 suburban Cook County townships, while State Sen. Daniel Biss won five and Chris Kennedy won four.
  • In Thornton Township, Pritzker’s 16,866 votes far surpassed that of his closest challenger, Kennedy (4,730).
  • Biss’s highest vote total came in Evanston Township, where he got 12,281 votes to Pritzker’s 4,145 and Kennedy’s 3,049.
  • Of the four townships where he got more votes than Pritzker or Biss, Kennedy got his greatest total – 5,929 – in Wheeling Township.
  • On the Republican side, Gov. Bruce Rauner won 21 suburban townships and Jeanne Ives won 9. Ives’s biggest win was in Bremen Township, where she got 1,930 votes to Rauner’s 1,674.
  • In the Democratic race for Cook County Assessor, challenger Fritz Kaegi won 22 suburban townships to incumbent Joe Berrios’s 8.
  • Kaegi’s highest vote differential between him and Berrios was in Oak Park Township, where he got 9,953 votes to Berrios’s 2,360. Berrio’s highest vote differential was in Thornton Township, where he got 11,452 votes to Kaegi’s 7,858. Challenger Andrea Raila got more votes than Berrios in four townships. In New Trier Township she got 1,879 votes to 1,723 for Berrios.
  • In the Democratic race for Illinois Attorney General, State Sen. Kwame Raoul got the most votes in 15 townships, while former Gov. Pat Quinn had more votes in 12. Sharon Fairley had the most votes in three townships (New Trier, Northfield and Wheeling).
  • In the Democratic 3rd Congressional District primary, Marie Newman got 51.6 percent of the vote in suburban Cook County, to incumbent Daniel Lipinski’s 48.4 percent.
  • There were some very close races in suburban Cook County, especially the Democratic contest for Cook County Commissioner in the northwest suburban 15th District. As of Wednesday morning, the two candidates, Ravi Raju and Kevin B. Morrison, were separated by 24 votes of 23,140 cast. 

All of the highlights are based on unofficial results. The Clerk's office has 21 days to certify the results. Results will be updated periodically as provisional and mail ballots are processed.

Suburban Cook County Gubernatorial Primary Elections
Registration and Voter Turnout 1994 - 2018

Year Registered Voters Ballots Cast Percent Turnout
1994 1,270,171 355,620 28.0%
1998 1,348,524 322,970 23.9%
2002 1,313,943 438,844 33.4%
2006 1,383,846 345,970 25.0%
2010 1,439,415 367,688 25.5%
2014 1,451,593 228,186 15.7%
2018 1,549,688 444,032 28.7%